Montessori at Home: Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

“To assist a child, we must provide him with an environment which will enable him to develop freely.” -Maria Montessori


Over the years, research has shown that school-based yoga cultivates positive effects in mind-body awareness, self-regulation, and physical fitness. These factors may lead to improvements in student’s behavior, mental state, health, and performance, as well as teacher effectiveness and classroom climate. 

Because of these findings, MRA Sugar Land strives to practice yoga in the classroom on a daily basis, fitting in 30 minutes each day for MRA educators and students to meditate in a peaceful setting while practicing the art of yoga.


Mind-Body Awareness

By teachings students to pay attention to the relationship between their mind and body, school-based yoga helps children notice the impact of stress on their well-being.


Improves Self-Regulation

Yoga and meditation empowers children in learning to manage their mood emotions, behaviors, and reactions.


Physical Fitness

Yoga is a practice of “mindfulness in motion” that uses the body to promote awareness of the present moment.


Supports Teacher Resilience & Create Positive Classroom Climate

Providing educators with skills to enhance their own self-care is a significant step toward improving classroom ambience and student relationships.


MRA Challenge: Introduce Yoga and Meditation at Home with Your Children

  • Take just 10 minutes to practice yoga videos together in the evenings
  • Take a yoga class at your local fitness center together
  • Take 5 minutes to focus on breath awareness and meditation before starting your day 
  • Practice mindfulness for 5 minutes on your next walk in the park
  • Recite positive mantras each morning or every night in front of the mirror

Remember, start small, but start somewhere. The art of yoga, mindfulness, and mediation can have a lasting positive impact in the lives of children. This is the perfect opportunity to create a bonding relationship activity with them as they grow older.