Montessori Reggio Academy

Updated Policies
Student Arrival and Release

We request that you demonstrate respect for your child and teacher by arriving on time during drop-off and pick-up times.  Prompt arrival means your child will get the most out of their school experience. Upon arrival at MRA , the parents or the adult dropping the child off must sign the child into care on the sign-in sheet located at the front door. A health check will be completed on both the
child/children and parent/adult. If either present with a temperature above normal or signs of a possible illness, the child will be excluded from care.

For the safety of your child, once your child is picked up from the teacher/classroom, you are accountable for your child’s actions and whereabouts for your time remaining in the building.

Students will only be released to a parent or an authorized adult.  Just because someone drops off your child, this does not authorize them to pick them up.  All changes to authorized persons must be made at the front desk.  No child will be released to an unauthorized person.  The front desk staff will request photo identification of any persons picking up children that they are not familiar with.

All of the above is necessary to ensure the safety of your child!

Current Drop Off Procedure

Due to safety regulations now in place, children must now dropped off at the front door and escorted to class by a member of management or designated staff. Parents are encouraged to drop off at the front door but may enter the facility if absolutely necessary. Parents and employees will use the hygiene stations located outside the front door prior to entering the facility.

Please encourage your children to walk, not run, in the parking lot.  It is extremely difficult to see children behind and in between cars. Because of that, we strongly encourage you to maintain a slow and safe speed.  Never leave a child unattended in a vehicle at any time while you come into the school.

Illness Exclusion

Children and staff will not be admitted into care if they have the following symptoms:
• Cough
• Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
• Chills/Repeated shaking with chills
• Muscle pain
• Headache
• Sore throat
• Vomiting

• Loss of taste or smell
• Persistant Diarrhea
• Feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0 degrees
If children and staff are ill, they cannot return to the facility until they are symptom free without medication for 72 hours.
To further assist you in making your decision, we offer the following guidelines from Texas State Licensing for Child Care Services. 

Parent must notify MRA management anytime they have traveled outside of the United States. MRA has a right to exclude the child from care if they or a member of the household has traveled to a country that has been identified by the CDC as an “at risk” country.


Covid 19 Safety Policies

Material SharingChildren will be given individual boxes of materials and are discouraged from sharing materials
when possible. 
Food ServiceChildren will be served individual plates of food. Family Style meal service is discouraged until further notice.
Mixing Classrooms/Combining Children: Employees are not to combine classrooms or mix groups without approval from center management. Combining classrooms and mixing groups is strongly discouraged unless absolutely necessary. 

Personal Protection Equipment:  Employees may use Personal Protection Equipment such as masks, gloves and faces shields as needed, as long as this is done in a way that does not harm or scare the children. 
Employee Disclosure Statement:  MRA employee understand that outside of the center, in order to control my exposure in the community, he/she will comply with any and all state, county or local stay-at-home orders.  Will immediately notify MRA management if he/she becomes aware of any person with whom he/she have had contact with and exhibits any of the symptoms listed above, is advised to self-isolate, quarantined, or has tested positive, or is presumed positive for COVID-19 or any other infectious illness. 
Disposable Items: The center will use disposable items such as cups, spoons and plates when serving
meals to reduce risk and cross contamination.

If Your Child Becomes Sick At School

If the staff observes that your child is not feeling well at school, you will be notified regarding your child’s condition.  We are not trained medical professionals, therefore staff will use discretion regarding medical concerns.  You may be notified to come and pick them up immediately when your child displays any of the following symptoms:  Vomiting, diarrhea, temperatures over 100.5, unexplained rashes, Pink eye/conjunctivitis or lice. Please keep your contact phone numbers up to date on your enrollment form.


Bumps and scrapes are inevitable when children are at play.  If necessary, all accidents will be treated with soap and water to clean the surface  and with ice to reduce any swelling.  Every effort will be made to inform the parent when picking up the child.  This is done verbally and/or with the use of an Accident Report form.  Our staff undergoes training of CPR and First Aid.

Report Absence

If it is possible, the front desk and teachers always appreciates a phone call or email to let us know your child is not coming.  This eliminates teachers wondering whether your child is attending that day.  You can also email us at [email protected]

Backpacks and Uniforms

Students in the Pre-Primary and Primary Classes are required to be in School uniform. Uniforms can be purchased online from French Toast. Each student should bring a  backpack with their name on it to school each day.   This helps students learn a sense of ownership and responsibility for their work to take home.  For the younger children, and those newly toilet trained, we also appreciate a full set of extra clothing in their backpacks.  Please check your child’s backpack everyday.  It contains any important information from the school and teachers as well as your child’s valuable school work.


We do not require students to be toilet trained.  Generally, children in  diapers or pull-ups can go without being changed for the duration of a class.  If a child has a bowel movement, for the comfort of everyone, we will change them.  If they are still in diapers please provide an extra  diaper or pull-up and wipes in your child’s backpack.  We do not supply diapers or wipes.  We are happy to help as much as we can with toilet training.  Once your child had transitioned to underwear, we would like you to provide extra clothing in your child’s backpack in case of any accidents.

Monthly Calendar

Each month you will be emailed a calendar of special activities along with the Reggio Theme for the month. It will list activities, and other important information. Please read what your child’s teacher sends home and keep the calendar handy for quick reference.

We Are Nut Free School
The parents of a child with food allergies are responsible for alerting the teachers and front desk staff to any allergy and make plans together for how to best accommodate the student based on the guidelines presented in this policy.  Due to the increasing number of peanut/nut allergies our shared snack times are completely peanut and nut free.  This includes all nuts, nut products and products manufactured in facilities where nut products are packaged.  Even plain M&M’s list peanuts on their label because they are manufactured in the same facility where peanut M&M’s are made. Please read all labels very carefully before bringing in snack.  If there is any risk to the children, your snack will be returned to you unopened at the end of the day and snack will be provided by the school.  In severe allergy cases, parents are encouraged to provide a snack from home to be 100% sure that cross contact contamination of a shared snack has not taken place.
Any classroom cooking projects will be required to be peanut/nut free.  At no time will a classroom use peanut butter or peanuts in any classroom activities.  Staff will participate in training in understanding and dealing with Anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions) as the need arises.
Celebration of Life Ceremony
Montessori schools around the globe use a special approach to celebrate your child’s birthday. To bring ceremony and an understanding into the celebration, children are given an impression of the concept of time through the relationship between the Sun and the Earth in that a year is the amount of time it takes for the Earth to rotate around the Sun. The children gather around in a circle with the Sun represented by a candle in the center along with the names of months of the year. Families are requested to make notes about important events in each of the years in the child’s life and to collect photos of the child to help tell the story of their life. The teacher then lights the candle and the child walks around it with a globe in his hand. Each time the child walks a complete circle marking one year of their life, he stops and the families talk about special events during that year and share the photos with the group. The celebration ends with singing the birthday song and then the child blows out the candle. The child then shares with his classmates healthy snacks such as muffins and fruits if desired.
Depending on the age of the class the celebration may be a little different, please reach out to the child’s teacher for details.

Holidays can be a vehicle for learning about the traditions and values of the families in our programs and exposing children to the traditions of others.  A child may want to share the anticipation and excitement they feel about their holiday celebrations.  All families are invited to share aspects of their holidays with the children in the classroom in a meaningful and respectful way.  Consult with your child’s teacher to make arrangements to share with the class.

We acknowledge:

  • Different families celebrate different holidays

  • Families may celebrate the same holiday in different ways

  • Not everyone celebrates any or every holiday

  • What your family does is valued

Weather Closures

Occasionally classes will need to be cancelled due to inclement weather. Montessori Reggio Academy Follows FBISD.  If FBISD is closed or has delayed openings, Montessori Reggio Academy may be closed for the entire school day.  We send out all messages via Montessori Compass and Via Email.

Withdrawing Your Child
In order to withdraw from our school, we must have a 30 day written notice at the beginning of the month prior to withdrawing.   There is no refunds, discounts or credits for any missed classes.  No exceptions are made.

MRA Parent Code of Conduct


Parents and visitors must understand that young children are present in our building. Some adult language is not appropriate for young children and some adults. Early Care and Education prohibits offensive words  on our premises, this including but not limited to, swearing, or cursing. Please also be mindful of music  that may be heard from your vehicle when in our parking lot. 

Threats and Confrontations 

From time to time, parents may have questions about their child’s care and education. Early Care and  Education promotes open communication and discussion. We expect parents to handle disagreements  in a calm and respectful manner.  

Threatening staff, children, or other parents will not be tolerated. Early Care and Education has the right  to terminate care in the event of disruptive behavior from any parent, guardian, or visitor. In order to  maintain safety, all threats will be taken seriously. In addition, all threats will be reported to the  appropriate authorities and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

Discipline and Guidance  

Early Care and Education must follow particular rules on discipline and guidance as outlined in the Texas  Minimum Standards for Child Care Centers. All adults, including parents, must follow these rules while  on our property. Regardless of a parent’s personal belief on corporal punishment, failure to follow our  discipline and guidance rules will lead to immediate termination of care. Please refer to our policy on  discipline and guidance for further explanation of our expectations. 

Use of Tobacco Products 

Per the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, the use of tobacco products is strictly prohibited on our premises. This includes, but not limited to, cigarettes, vapor devices and chewing  tobacco.  

Safety Practices 

Early Care and Education has policies and procedures in place to maintain a safe environment for all  children, staff, and parents. Safety practices must be followed by all individuals on our premises.  Violation of our safety policies will lead to immediate dismissal from our program. We ask that parents  be mindful of safety practices at all times. This includes, but not limited to, allowing children to enter or  exit the building unsupervised, allowing children to run in the hallways, opening the secured front door  for individuals and being mindful of personal belongings brought into the center during drop off and  pick-up time.  

Appropriate Dress  

Parents must be mindful of appropriate dress attire when on our premises. Young children and families  have different values on what is appropriate or offensive. We want all families and visitors to feel  comfortable when on our premises. Adults wearing offensive or inappropriate clothing or lack, or  clothing will be asked to leave the property until appropriately dressed.  

Violation of Confidentiality Policy  

Early Care and Education takes the responsibility of maintaining the confidentiality of all persons  associated with our school very seriously. Parents need to be aware of the confidentiality of all children,  families, and employees, not just their own. Any parent who shares any information considered to be  confidential, pressures employees or other parents for information, which is not necessary for them to  know, will be considered a violation of the Confidentiality Policy and will be dismissed from the  program.