Pre School Sugar Land

A child develops in many ways through our pre-school program Sugar Land– physically, socially and emotionally. We at MRA Sugar Land also helps in the language and literacy development as well as development of thinking skills.

Physical development is the way in which the child moves their arms, legs, fingers and hands. Teachers of pre-school program Sugar Land help the children in learning these skills and this is done by offering them different types of physical activities and several equipment. Children learn to run, jump, climb, throw, and catch through this development program in the private elementary school in Sugar Land. The child uses their hands to explore the materials given to them like playing dough or modelling clay, puzzles, and several different things to write with. They uses their body parts actively in both indoor and outdoor, which in turn helps in building healthy bones and muscles of the child.

Social development which is instilled in the child through the various pre-school programs of private school in Sugar Land helps the child to get along with anyone surrounding them. Teachers of Montessori Reggio Academy Sugar Land teaches the students about respecting others and explains them the value of working together. When children play and learn together, they build the required social skills, language skills, as well as they learn self-control. With such development program, teachers help children to learn and resolve any sort of conflicts among them while playing with their mates.

Emotional development in pre-school program Sugar Land lets your child understand his own feelings and also the feelings of others. We along with our teachers have several programs which help the children to recognize and manage their self behaviour. Our teachers of private school in Sugar Land teaches the children to learn to show their concern for others. Self esteem of the children can be built in private elementary school in Sugar Land as the teachers encourages the child to try many new things which help to develop the child emotionally.

The language and literacy development aims in the growth of child so that they understand and communicate through listening what is said to them, talking to everyone, reading and writing. We help our students learn new concept with this growing communication skill.

Thinking Skills

Development of thinking skills helps the children in learning the skill to think more complexly, take decisions by their own and solve their own problems themselves.  The thinking skill of young children improve as they ask questions and explore which helps them understand the world around them. These development program in our Montessori Reggio Academy private school in Sugar Land helps the child to handle frustration by themselves.

How teachers help pre-schoolers develop thinking skills

*Teachers provide them interesting materials and also ample time to explore those materials

* Teachers also offer certain suggestions that encourages the child to think more.

Speaking and Listening

Your child’s language skills develop when he or she get lots of opportunities to listen to as well as to speak with others. Our teachers at Montessori Reggio Academy Sugar Land talks to the children throughout the time they remain in school. They give much effort in encouraging children to share information or ideas, and their feelings with each other.

Our preschool programs of MRA Sugar Land thus aims at the overall development of your child.