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our mra programs

Montessori Reggio Academy Curriculum

All of our students learn to work and play with others in a peaceful, caring community. Tolerance, acceptance and encouragement are embodied within all activities. Students develop and identify a clear sense of values and a social conscience. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

An easy choice. An even easier process.

Once the steps below have been completed, we will confirm a Orientation date and start date for the new student, and a new uniform, backpack will be ordered. 
  • Tour with parents or family 
  • Application packet completed and submitted to Admissions Director or Head of School 
  • Teacher Recommendation (if applicable) 
  • Family & Student Interview with Director of Admissions or Child Observation 
  • Decision Letter or Appointment set to complete enrollment process. 
  • One-time registration: $195  
  • First and last month’s tuition 

At Montessori Reggio Academy

Tuition is charged monthly and includes:

A full Montessori program

Including academics, life skills, and the basic tenets of cooperation, respect, and responsibility.ty. 

Clean Learning Enviroment

Dis.in.fx™ certified disinfected spaces 

Kindergarten/Lower Elementary program with STEAM 

Hands-on projects and experiments, and Elementary program aligned with FBISD.

A Hot, Healthy Lunch & Snacks 

All served with organic milk. Part of Meatless Mondays! No pork or seafood. We avoid processed, frozen meals. Daily morning and afternoon snacks that are fresh and healthy.

Enrichment Activities

Special programs built into our curriculum, including Zumbini, PE, Spanish, French, Yoga, Gardening, Music and Art.

School Year & Summer Program

A year-round program and care available even when FBISD is not in session (excluding major holidays).  A summer program that is fun, educational, and very popular!

Daily Communication

Daily online communication, reports, and photos that send your child’s learning right to your phone or computer. Cameras and constant monitoring to ensure children’s safety.

Montessori & CPR Certified Educators

Education and care provided by Montessori-certified or trained teachers with years of classroom experience.