Don’t stop at making your child just be excellent. Let them be nurtured and grow in a diversified environment, where excellence molds them into a great leadership quality where equality and diversity are imbibed in your child. You invest not in the school but the future of your child. Involve your child in an education that was developed by a woman who was way ahead of her time. The Montessori form of education believes in nurturing unruly children by inducing their interest to work with puzzles and caring for their environment. The children are engaged in such activities so they exhibit peaceful and calm behavior, concentrating on their work and caring for the environment they are working in. The Montessori ways of teaching involve unique learning materials that spike the interest in children and induce their desire to learn.

Montessori versus a traditional form of education

You always want the best for your child. With so much to choose from daycare to childcare and school options, it is not easy to work out which will be the best environment for your child, and where will he or she will thrive? For many parents, they are unable to differentiate between traditional and Montessori ways of learning. More than understanding the differences you need to know how the Montessori way of teaching is going to help your child.

Excellence, leadership, and diversity in Montessori form of teaching

  • Your child does not learn new concepts in the same way. Montessori school in Sugar Land understands each child is different and they learn in different ways. It focuses on the overall development of each child- emotionally, physically, socially, and through cognitive ways.
  • Your child is encouraged to reach their own highest potential at their own pace. In traditional classrooms, in the same lessons, some children can cope up, while some do lack behind. At Montessori, your child will challenge themselves as soon as they are ready. This develops their independent streak and self-sufficiency in doing things. Helping your child to develop an internal sense of motivation and purpose.
  • At Montessori school in Sugar Land, you will find the classrooms are designed in such a way that the settings and activities will appeal to your child. Everyone is engaged and encouraged to take part in the activities, nurturing them to develop flexible thinking strategies.
  • Teachers do not teach, they guide your child through various activities while at the same encouraging freedom within limits, setting an order, while at the same time encouraging independence. The journey of your child’s development grows gradually, one in which the child is made responsible.
  • Montessori does not stop your child from making mistakes. Mistakes are the first step to learning. You make mistakes and then you know how to work on it, correcting them, and setting them right.
  • Every child is different, their personality is different. They grow and develop when they interact with other children, and will learn through others. Your child is not stopped at socializing, as found in traditional classrooms. Your child will be encouraged to interact with other children, instead of just sitting, as seen in the classroom.
  • As soon as you enter the Montessori school in Sugar Land, you will find the rooms lively, airy, and soft colors. The things are neatly stacked so that the children can easily access them.
  • Your child won’t rely on textbooks or any other books. There will be activities that will help in productive learning. Special materials are designed to appeal to all 5 and help them in their learning process.
  • The Montessori form of teaching believes in building a community of the child, teachers, principals, and parents. The main aim is to provide a multi-age-level approach to learning.
  • Imbibing in them the love for the Natural World, which helps in child motor’s skills and creativity, and this develops their personal development.
  • Accepting one’s culture, while also respecting others is the Montessori system of teaching. Preparing your child to play an active role in the global community.

Imbibing the core values of Montessori Reggio Academy

At MRA, we don’t force your child to memorize from books, but enthuse your child to his or her core. Your child’s learning years are from birth to six years when your child shows capabilities in acquiring skills that MRA will try to incorporate through Montessori teaching. Your child is taught to socialize, work independently, and in teams under the guidance of the teacher. This imbibes in him or her a sense of leadership, excellence, and diversity. As compared to the conventional teacher, at Montessori school in Sugar Land, the teachers will be more of a meticulous observer, articulating, and planning activities according to the needs of different children.

You don’t send your child to school, you bring him/her to a place where they will love to play, grow, and nurture their innate ideas with the help of the Montessori way of learning.

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