Pre-School Program Sugar Land

We know how protective you could be while bringing up your child. You had built a kind of security, a wall around your little one to protect them from getting hurt. This is where the pre-school comes in. A second home for your child that is not only safe but where systematized learning starts. Being separated from the security and comfort zone of their home and their parents, Pre-schools are the first place that your child will venture alone. Of course, they will be assisted by trained and certified Montessori teachers and children of their age. Hence, you must look for that kind of pre-school, that they must feel quite at home, a place they would love coming back, a place your child is comfortable and secure.

Once preschool was thought to be optional. However, research indicates that the time a child spends at a pre-school is crucial, and not only to learn ABCs. The little ones are trained and encouraged to develop their emotional, social, and academic skills.

A place that initiates growth

The first place they leave the warm embrace of the parents and are introduced to a structured setting. A setting where they meet different people- teachers and children of their age groups. At MRA, the trained faculty members engage your child, in a friendly and educative manner, to learn to share, making them follow instructions, and sets the foundation for learning that they will continue to elementary school.

Building up the social skills of your child

As a parent you might be trying to make your child social, letting them play with other children. But when you enroll your child in the Pre-School Program Sugar Land they are provided with a new environment. While at home they are used to and comfortable in familiar settings. However, at Pre-school they learn to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings, adults, and children. They are taught to adjust play with others who want the same toys, same seat in the classroom, same friends, and seeking their teacher’s attention. Something that they will never learn at home.

Nurturing your child’s curiosity

The Montessori Method allows not only encourages your child to be curious but allows these little ones to explore them. The little ones are provided with ample time and space to explore and play. The Pre-School Program Sugar Land fuels the curiosity and makes them learn. This instills in them confidence and decision-making skills. At MRA, they are provided with the opportunity to explore, develop, understand and investigate the world around them.

Structured freedom for your little one

Children hate when tied down with rules. At MRA we want them to take up activities that they love. Let them work at their own pace, which helps these little ones to inculcate their abilities. Structured freedom that the well-trained and certified Montessori teachers have planned. They organize space, activities, and time that are in sync with your little ones’ social, cognitive, emotional, as well as physical activities.

A pre-school that makes discipline a core value

When children are put into a disciplined manner, they learn things fast and in a systematized manner. Learning happens to those who have a disciplined way of life.

This quality imbibes your child to become responsible and independent throughout their lives. They learn to fall under a routine life, follow directions, and imbibing the patience to wait for their turn.

The Montessori Reggio Academy is where you want your child to be

Whatever the Pre-school does, can be done at home. That might be true but sitting down with your child and teaching them is the wrong way. At MRA, we do it differently. Going by the Montessori Method of teaching at Montessori Reggio Academy, your child will learn and remember best through activities they love and finds interesting. Teachers telling them stories, counting the toys or chocolates in class, playing with blocks, interests your child and they learn quite easily. The high-quality program at Pre-School Program Sugar Land encourages your little one to be imaginative, having fun, acquiring social skills. Unlike other pre-schools, MRA aims to make your child gain a sense of self, explore, learn, play with their friends, be imaginative, and build their confidence. The core values that Montessori Reggio Academy believes in that will help your child grow are excellence, leadership and diversity. These values deeply influence the behavior, attitudes, and interests of your child. It helps them to build the character of your child and teaches them to think about others. This imbibed learning process builds skills, knowledge, confidence, a disciplined way of life that helps them to do well at the later stage.

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