Toddler Classes Sugar Land

Little Explorers on the Move

When your child is walking around the house, know that they are learning and discovering things around them. To encourage them, get your child moving through play. This helps in their overall development, especially motor skills. Enrolling your infant in classes will provide them with a learning platform, which nourishes the young minds that will eventually help them in the future.

Enrichment at an Early Stage

“Does my child need to start so early?” Studies suggest that 90% of your child’s brain will develop by the age of 5. If you are looking to nourish your child’s physical, emotional, social, and mental development, then toddler classes in Sugar Land is the one for your child. These classes will set the foundation for emotional development as well as learning growth.


Right from birth to the age of 3, your child’s brain develops quite rapidly. This view was advocated by Dr. Maria Montessori, the Italian educator, and scientist. She developed the system of education, the Montessori way of teaching, which bears her name.

Hands-on… Minds on…

During the first 3 years of your infant, he or she will observe a lot of things around them and experience them, thus absorbing a large amount of information. This lays the foundation for later learning. Thus, ensuring their future where they can thrive and adapt.  So look for a pre-school that provides a fun way of learning and indulges them for wholesome development. A place where your child will not be told but he or she will be learning by actually doing it or by experiencing something. This way your child develops skills much faster while they are having fun.

Activity-based Learning

No matter what your infant loves to do or does not, at Montessori Reggio Academy we help them to explore their interests as well as find and develop new ones. Our teachers try to develop your child’s natural passion for curiosity, being independent, wonder, exploration, and discovery. The toddler classes in Sugar Land are designed in such a way that it helps in the overall development of your child.

Since it is based on the foundation of Montessori, the daily life of the infants has been structured to provide continuous feeding and rest time. Activities that will help your infant to be independent, develop their concentration, and learn to coordinate have been designed. Your infant will learn:

  • Self-care: Teaching your infant to eat, wash, dress, using the toilet all by themselves
  • Environmental care: making them understand foodservice and food preparation, keeping the environment clean, caring for the plants and animals
  • Large motor activities: running, climbing, walking, jumping, climbing stairs, and many more.
  • Fine motor skills: lifting various objects in the classroom, moving them, grasping the objects, accessing them, learning the use of tools and utensils, making artifacts.
  • Language: encouraging them to identify pictures and discuss them, learning the name of the objects, to make them groove to music and dance to the tune of the songs.
  • Social skills: Your infant will be taught to interact with other children, teachers, and other adults, thus imbibing in them to develop skills and dignity.

Montessori Trained Teachers

At Montessori Reggio Academy, your infant will be under the care of quality and authentic Montessori-trained teacher. The teachers are well–equipped to understand how to teach an infant and how to make them learn gradually. The concepts are conceptualized to the infant’s specific needs and learning. Your infant will be taught how to balance between discipline and liberty. Your infants will be with teachers who are nurturing, loving, understanding, and trained in child development. Our rigorously trained and experienced teachers set supportive, peaceful, and safe environments for your little one.

Getting Your Infant Enrolled in MRA

Sending your infant to preschool can be bittersweet for you as a parent. Even though you are waiting for them to start their educative journey, yet you feel they are too small to start classes. While you are working on your mixed bag of emotions, meanwhile you should pick a good pre-school. The toddler classes Sugar Land ensures that your child will be cared for with utmost care and attention. Your child’s unique skills and interests are piqued with curiosity and thus stimulating learning.

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