Montessori Reggio Academy of Sugar LandAs your little one blows out those 3 candles on the cake, you know it is time for your child to put into a Pre-school. What does your mind envision? Do you feel that your child is too small to be put into an enclosed surroundings or how they will manage without you? Do remember that pre-school is a prime time to develop every aspect of your child that will be have lasting results in their lifetime.

The Pre School Program Sugar Land is designed in such a way that your child’s social and emotional skills are honed as per their attributes. By the end of the term the child will have better reading skills, richer vocabularies and ability to do simple calculations. Mingling with other children will also make your child socially amiable.

Montessori Reggio Academy believes that the learning process of your child should be educative but in a fun and relaxed environment. He or she should not cringe at the thought of coming to MRA but one who is eager to come back.

Developing their bonding skills

As soon as the child enters the premise they will be encouraged to play with other children, hence developing their communication skills. Sharing their toys and colors will teach them to compromise and also develop a sense of team building and caring towards each other. They will be encouraged to explore, help and play with their friends. Kids are encouraged to do things by themselves instead of depending on their parents.

They will learn wonders- small tasks such as putting back the toys, having their meals on time, and allowing them to discuss among themselves and take decision on how to spend their free time.

Adaptability in a structured environment

These little ones will learn to follow instructions from their teachers and will be asked to share their thoughts and views. When required they will raise their hands to ask questions, wait for their turns and patiently wait to seek their teacher’s attention. The child is also taught to listen to stories without interrupting.

Preparation for elementary school

When learning is combined with play-way method, the hours spent becomes joyful and it helps them to learn faster. Activities such as creating structures through sands, solving jigsaws, dress up and role play, drawing etc. will help them to concentrate, problem solving and also working with other children. We believe that the development of pre-literary skills as well as pre-math concepts can be done through fun ways so that your child remembers and learn in an easy manner and remembering in the long term.

Honing their innate skills and developing their motor skills

These little ones are naturally observant and curious by nature. The teachers will channelize such skills through various activities and fun games to acquire both academic and social skills.  For example, while playing with the jigsaw puzzles, the child will be assisted by the teacher to go through the instructions for assembling the puzzle.

Different children have their own pace to carry out their listening, speaking and indulging in other activities. We work on giving each child individual attention and actually make them work on their own pace and later encouraging them to work with their friends which helps them to develop gradually.

Listening and answering to their inquisitiveness

As a parent you might have come across such wonderful questions, “Why is the sky blue?”, “Where does God live?” and as such sometimes it might be difficult for you to answer them. Instead of directly answering them, we ask other children and encourage them to frame their own answers. Your child learn about their surroundings through sharing, conversing, experimentation and exploration.

Making them learn their ABC’s and 123’s

Children love music and they are not static. So, how to make them learn. Simple, through songs, games, inducing in them to help their friends, through stories, the teacher converse with them, by puzzles and jigsaws. In this way they learn faster and remember things. For example, kids are taught language through rhyming games, telling stories; they learn pre-math skills by counting water bottles kept in the rack or counting their or their friend’s birthdays in the calendar or through memory game.

AT MRA, we believe that our meticulously designed pre-school program Sugar Land prepares your child for deeper learning- learning that stays for lifelong. Your child will learn various fun activities that they may not have access at home. Remember, your child’s mind is insatiably curious and we have designed the curriculum so that your child is exposed to different subjects and developing their creative process, all through fun learning method.

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