Toys or a storybook or a coloring set, there are so many varied things that you can gift your child. These are the things which can be given by anyone. However, there is one thing that no one can give to your child other than you, is Education. And for that to happen one needs to provide their children with the best environment. A place, they are taught to recreate and learn complex things while having a great deal of pleasure doing it. A place where your child’s liberty is guided by activities, where he is fueled up to do certain things and not every other thing.

Private Kindergarten

The innovator who changed the scenario of education

Maria Montessori, the famous acclaimed educator and innovator of the educational method, once said “Children acquire knowledge through experience in the environment”. Hence, choosing the best environment that offers the overall educational development of your child becomes essential. An environment that enhances your child tidiness, pleasing in appearance, simple and real. The innovator believed in a Montessori classroom that promotes respect, socialization, and solidarity among these young children.

The children are now working as if I don’t exist- smiles the teacher!

The Montessori model believes that “the greatest sign for a teacher, is to able to say, ‘the children are now working as if I don’t exist”. Can you remember a time when you can leave your child unattended without resulting in some mischievous activities? Well at Private Kindergarten in Sugar Land, we believe in molding their mischievous activities and diverting them into something fruitful. We try to instill in the children a sense of excellence in whatever activities they are partaking in.

Why go for Private Kindergarten?

By enrolling your child in a Private Kindergarten rather than a traditional one, your child will experience small class sizes, greater teacher and parent involvement in a safe environment. Enumerated below are the reasons why you need to enroll your child in Private Kindergarten rather than a Traditional Kindergarten:

  • A private kindergarten has smaller classes and a low student-teacher ratio, the trained and certified Montessori teachers can pay individual attention to your child. They are more equipped while addressing the learning needs of your child.
  • With a close-knit relationship between the teacher and your child, you too can build tight-knit communication with the teacher. It allows you to understand and get engaged in your child’s various activities.
  • Sugar Land offers experiential learning making sure that your child is getting the best as well as a well-rounded education. Ensuring that your child is getting the holistic growth they require.
  • Effective observation with control of school grounds, the schools provide a safe environment for your children.
  • Children are involved in enrichment activities that encourage them to take part in various extra-curricular activities. Hence, your child is engaged not only in serious academics but also has the opportunity to delve into various fun activities too.

Imbibing the core values for their overall development

Sugar Land believes in these Core Values: Leadership, Excellence, and Diversity. These are critical for lifelong success, not only in schools and colleges but when faced with any challenges they are equipped to overcome. At Sugar Land, these core values guide your child not to memorize facts or excelling in their academics only. These values are engraved in your child so that they can positively contribute to society. The core values will help your child to develop confidence, imbibe in your child the mental faculty to work in a team

Forgo the traditional Kindergarten, opt for Private Kindergarten

In traditional schooling, the stress is more on academics. While Private Kindergarten in Sugar Land goes beyond mandatory subjects, dropping the conventional method of teaching. With smaller class sizes, trained and certified Montessori School teachers, and the opportunity to learn both academic and extra-curricular activities, the private Kindergarten does make an overall development in your child’s life. By providing a joyful learning environment, the children learn and retain more when they are engaged in such a way

This rings true in the words of the greatest education innovator, Maria Montessori, “The greatest development is achieved during the first years of life, and therefore it is then that the greatest care should be taken. If this is done, then the child does not become a burden; he will reveal himself as the greatest marvel of nature.”

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