MRA is Different

A school should be a place where your child will want to come back. A second home. A place that understands their needs, while at the same time teaching them. An environment that makes your child learn according to their pace, one that is not forced down upon them. It is more about learning through their surroundings, watching things happen, learning, and working through activities. Not just books, things they can learn through communicating, participating, and eventually learning.

Montessori Form of Education

So much is said and heard about this form of education. What makes it different from other forms of education?

  • The Montessori form of teaching understands each child is different and so the approach is too.
  • Various activities have been introduced to prepare your child to reach their highest potential, but at their own pace. They will challenge themselves, develop independence, and be self-sufficient in the long run.
  • The classrooms are not just a place to learn. It is a place that appeals to your child. It is colorful and has a great way to attract your child & their mind.
  • The teachers are there to aid your child in carrying out their activities at their own pace. They encourage independence which allows them to learn and grow.
  • The Montessori form of education allows them to make mistakes. The mistakes that they make are corrected, taught to work on it, and eventually set them right.
  • There is an understanding that every child is different. Their emotions, personality differs from one to another. It is what the Montessori trained teachers are trained to do. Your child is encouraged to socialize, meet with other children, and even talk to teachers. This is how they are taught to grow and develop.
  • Emphasis is on productive learning. Instead of relying on textbooks. Special materials are designed in such a way to induce productive learning amongst the children.
  • With your child, an entire community is formed between them and teachers, staff, as well as parents. The main aim of this kind of teaching is to provide a multi-age-level approach to learning.
  • By leaving them with natural surroundings, their motor skills and creativity are nurtured. This helps to form their personal development.

Sending your Child to a Private School

By enrolling them in MRA, they will get an enriched educational experience, will be encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities, and learn and practice valuable skills in realistic settings. This school ensures that all the children have the best foundations for their education and also in their everyday lives. With the aid of various activities and playing methods, the children are taught their lessons. They are not forced to memorize any curriculum. The lessons are taught in such a way that they learn and remember through them. Instead of a structured classroom, they are placed in a classroom, taken around in the natural setting, making them learn in the process. This way your child is trained and encouraged to develop their overall mental, physical and emotional skills. Their curiosity is nurtured and thus helping them learn in the process.

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