Summer Camps in Sugarland

“Where learning is fun”

Its summertime. Plan for exciting and immersive fun-filled days at summer camps in Sugar Land. What makes it excitingly different? There are fun-filled activities, hands-on learning, reading, writing, math, improving communication skills, helping your child to articulate their thinking process as well as developing social skills.

At Montessori Reggio Academy, the activities have been designed in such a way that your child has a strong engagement in all the tasks and has meaningful outcomes, at the same time creating and learning new things in every session. Each session are interactive that will boost your child’s abilities

Activating the brain of your child

Each activity has been tailor-made in such a way that your child’s experiences are unique and fun-filled. Activities are divided into 9 sessions which will boost their mind and draw interest in learning.

Let’s take a break from the gadgets

The children will be encouraged to socialize among others. They will be taking up activities that will help them improve their communication skills as well as imbibe in them to work in groups. Summer Camps in Sugar Land will involve your child in such a way that they will be encouraged to think, speculate, and with assistance from our supervisors, will be able to work on the various topics. These activities will capacitate their thinking process, build up their strength, and help them to socialize.

Cultural Work- Dance and Music

Let your little star sing and dance their heart out at the Summer Camps in Sugar Land.  Your children will be asked to hum their favorite tunes or just shake a leg to a piece of music, gradually encouraging them to learn in the process. They will learn cool tricks. By the end of the camp, we will see to it that your child can sing and not hum, able to dance and not just shake a leg.

Coloring your imagination

At Fun Summer Camps in Sugar Land, everything deviates away from the conventional way. We have hitched in experts who will teach the children to create wonderful objects found in their surroundings to create beautiful and creative craftwork. They will be asked to look around and create beautiful drawings or maybe just color their imagination through various sketches. These activities will teach your child to develop their motor skills as well as their creativity.

Igniting the little scientific mind

Inducing spatial intelligence through 3D by introducing your child to basic concepts of 3D modeling. At MRA, we believe that a child is a ‘gold mine’ of creativity and knowledge that is waiting to be explored, and with proper guidance and help your child might unveil many of his or her hidden talents.

Developing leadership qualities

It is believed that every child is an inborn leader. Leadership builds up confidence, making the child seek a solution to the problems creatively and also to work collaboratively with others. MRA uses the Montessori materials to help your child to think, bringing positive changes in their behavior, developing their communication, and building their social skills

Leisurely learning

Various theme activities have been planned to keep your children interested, excited while at the same time encouraging them to learn in the process. There will be story-telling, personality development activities, and improving communication skills. Honing leader qualities where your kids will learn a skill, commitment to service, working in groups, and physical recreation

Developing their creativity

We have designed such engaging activities that will develop the children’s thinking skills, enhance their memory, making them attentive, cognition, work on their language, and developing their creativity.

Getting them engaged and energized

All the activities are articulated in such a way, that it caters to the children in the best way. Every activity is made compulsory so that all-around development is seen in your child.

At Fun Summer Camps in Sugar Land, your children will have fun-filled days while learning through various activities. They will make new friends, explore their creativity, and learn in the process. The camps are open for a total of 9 weeks. We assure you that your child will be introduced to a fun way of learning, holistic development, as well as facilitating the development of skills in your child, a summer that is well spent and only at Montessori Reggio Academy.

MRA will be offering Summer Camps exclusively for MRA Alumni & siblings for summer 2022. Contact [email protected] to enroll today!